XII EPI – Iberian Peptide Meeting / Encontro Peptídico Ibérico


XII EPI – Encontro Peptídico Ibérico / Iberian Peptide Meeting

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Peptides across disciplines

From organic chemistry to biotechnology; from biochemistry to cell biology; from bench to clinic; from theory to all kinds of applications, peptides are everywhere in science and technology. Peptide science has grown across all disciplines and expanded to unprecedented levels. The challenge today is to cope with interdisciplinarity. The times call for collaboration and cooperation between groups of different expertises and views. The XII EPI will serve this endeavour, gathering academic and industrial researchers devoted to peptides. It will not be organized around disciplines or sectors. The contributions to the final programme will not be pooled or grouped. The eclectic “all-matters-all” spirit and outlook has been an inspiring mark of EPI. Also, we strongly encourage the participation and active engagement of young researchers in presenting their work in oral form. EPI is the right audience and discussion forum for them.

We’re expecting you in Lisbon!

Miguel Castanho

Steering committee:

  • David Andreu

  • Hernâni Maia

  • José Luís Mascareñas

  • Miguel Castanho

  • Paula Gomes

Organizing committee:

  • Ana Melo

  • Filomena Carvalho

  • Henri Franquelim

  • Isa Serrano

  • Manuel Melo

  • Marco Domingues

  • Margarida Rodrigues

  • Marta Ribeiro

  • Miguel Castanho

  • Nuno Santos

  • Pedro Matos

  • Salomé Veiga

  • Sónia Gonçalves

  • Sónia Henriques

«The XII EPI will be held in Lisbon, from 10 to 12 February 2010, at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Lisbon. For a waived registration, register on-line at this site before December 1, 2009. Abstract reception will close on the same day. All accepted communications will, in principle, be presented orally in English, the official language of the meeting.
The meeting will precede the Carnival weekend in 2010. Why not extend your stay and visit Lisbon?
Register now. Welcome to Lisbon!»



Managed by:

Molecular Medicine Institute

Hosted by:

Medicine Faculty - University of Lisbon

Supported by:

European Peptide Society

Portuguese Biochemistry Society      International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology